The directions provide for exemptions to travel restrictions for the purposes of:

  • People travelling to work
  • attending medical appointments
  • transporting freight
  • those who do not have access to groceries or supplies within their region
  • returning to a place of residence
  • attending school or an educational institution where necessary
  • catering for family members
  • compassionate grounds

Following advocacy from WALGA, the declaration specifically includes mention of exemptions applied to waste as an essential service, stating:

Any person employed or engaged in the provision or maintenance of utility or waste management service.

The Declarations further outline exemptions regarding transport, freight and logistics as including:

Any person who in the course of their duties is responsible for the provision of transport, mail, courier, freight and logistics purposes.

State Government agencies and Local Governments have been asked to point the public to a single source for further information:

To get information or to obtain your approved permit to travel through the Regional Borders go to:

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