Council Delegates & Community Commitees


Committees Of Council

Audit Committee

Cr’s Sudlow, Tim Hay , Suckling & Stewart

Disability Services Committee

Cr’s Suckling, Stewart, Principal Environmental Health Officer/Building Surveyor

Senior Staff Employment Performance Review Committee

Cr’s Sudlow, Horstman, Stewart, Suckling & Chief Executive Officer


Northampton Visitors Centre

Cr Suckling

Kalbarri Development Association – includes Kalbarri Foreshore Redevelopment Plan

Cr Pike

Kalbarri Visitor Centre

Cr Stewart

Kalbarri Sport & Recreation Club

Cr Pike

Kalbarri Roadwise Committee

Cr Pike

Coastal Sub Group of the Regional Road Group

Cr’s Sudlow, Horstman & Chief Executive Officer

Batavia Local Emergency Management Committee

Cr Horstman and Deputy CEO

Development Assessment Panel

Cr Pike

Drought Resilience Planning Group

Cr Sudlow

Northampton Community Centre

Cr Rob Horstman

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