This page contains information relating to the Shire's annual budget and annual report.

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Annual Budget

In January/February of each year Council advertises inviting submissions for the coming annual budget. Submissions will be accepted any time up until the end of March of each year for the financial year commencing in the following July. Council generally adopts their budget at a special meeting of Council in the latter half of July.

Budget submission form

Budget information

Annual budgets are available from either the Northampton or Kalbarri Libraries.

Budget Information

The preparation of the 2022/2023 budget is based on Council’s direction for the financial year.  This direction incorporates the focus of maintaining existing services and facilities at levels customers expect.  In addition to this, the budget also reflects strategies and projects contained in the Corporate Business Plan 2022-2025.

Councillors are continually assessing the role of local government in the community and are always seeking the views and opinions of residents and ratepayers on major capital works to be undertaken.  It is then Council’s decision to refine and adopt a budget, while trying to accommodate all reasonable requests within appropriate funding limits and rate increases.

Following lengthy deliberations, Council has balanced the 2022/2023 budget.  Due to funding constraints an amount of requests were not included in this years’ budget.

Major items in this year’s budget that fall into the category of expansion include:

Office, Depots, Other

  • Port Gregory Water Supply - New tank on pipeline (supply)     

                                                        - Replace fire hydrants  

Ovals, Parks, Gardens, Foreshore & Recreation


  • Oval - reticulation water purification & filter centre.
  • Community Centre - Disabled ramp on south end

                                           - Brick pave area south of commentators box. 

                                           - Works for rising damp to stadium wall and reinstate 

                                             paving / road south end.

Port Gregory

  • New storage shed
  • Foreshore - redevelop foreshore / carpark area.


  • Repairs to recreation jetty


  • New stairs south of the jetty.
  • New tank for reticulation water.

Major and Specific Maintenance Roadworks

  • Northampton - Gwalla Street - Install drainage upgrade.
  • Northampton - Essex Street - Reseal
  • Northampton - Mary Street - Install bollards west of the highway
  • Northampton - Mary Street - Surface correction works
  • Northampton - Robinson Street - Surface correction works
  • Kalbarri – Karina Mews - Reseal & replace kerbing
  • Kalbarri – Smith Street - Asphalt seal & replace kerbing
  • Kalbarri -  Grey Street - Asphalt resurfacing.
  • Horrocks - Glance Street - Reseal
  • Horrocks - Construct road to Little Bay
  • Binnu - East Road - Reconstruct 1km section

Regional Road Group Projects

  • Kalbarri Rd - Reseal SLK42 to SLK48*

*Designates multiple funding sources

Roads to Recovery

  • Kalbarri Road - Grey Street - asphalt resurfacing*
  • Parker - Wundi Road - Construct and seal 2.3km*

*Designates multiple funding sources

Footpath Projects

  • Northampton - Stephen St - Replace DUP from NWCH to West Street.
  • Kalbarri - Grey St - replace section at Allen Centre.
  • Kalbarri - Red Bluff Road - Install new DUP from Red Bluff to Eco Flora

Plant Purchases

  • Replace 1 grader  - Northampton (changeover)
  • Replace 2 x utilities
  • Additional backhoe to plant fleet

Kalbarri Airport

  • Re-seal runway and apron

    Refuse Charges

    All refuse removal charges are listed below and are relative to the cost of compliance in maintaining refuse sites within the Shire.

    Residential/Caravan Park’s

    • Horrocks $400 per annum per service/bin
    • Kalbarri $400 per annum per service/bin
    • Northampton $400 per annum per service/bin
    • Port Gregory $400 per annum per service/bin

    Business Refuse

    • Business - Kalbarri - $800 per annum per service
    • Business – Other $800 per annum per service

    Shire Tip Hours

    Northampton Tip                                                                                      Kalbarri Tip

    Monday Closed Monday 10.00am - 2.00pm
    Tuesday Closed Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday 1.00pm - 5.00pm Wednesday 10.00am - 2.00pm
    Thursday Closed Thursday Closed
    Friday Closed Friday 10.00am - 2.00pm
    Saturday 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm
    Sunday 8.00am - 5.00pm Sunday 10.00am - 2.00pm


    Within the 2022/2023 budget Council proposes to continue further works on its refuse sites within the Shire to ensure compliance with the licence requirements issued by the Department of Environment.

    Council’s loan liability as at the 30th June 2022 is $1,382,383. The 2022/2023 includes additional loan funding of $200,000 for plant purchase.

    Residents wishing to inspect the 2022/2023 Budget in greater detail can do so by obtaining a copy from Council offices in Kalbarri or Northampton.

    Annual Report

    The Shire of Northampton's Annual Report for 2020/2021 has been audited and is now available online.

    Click here to view the latest annual report

    Click here to view the Letter to Minister - Significant Adverse Trend - Operating Surplus Ratio 2020-2021 Annual Report

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