Mr Trevor Brandy is Council's Building Surveyor.  Trevor is based in Kalbarri and will inspect building works as required.  All enquiries regarding building or demolition of buildings can be made via email to:  or by telephoning 0429 341 201.

Building Applications & Licences

Generally a licence is to be obtained for any structure being placed on your property within the Shire, this includes such works as swimming pools, sheds, patios and in some circumstances retaining walls. A building application can be obtained from either the Northampton or Kalbarri Offices and must be completed with all required plans and associated fees, or download a building application form here.

The Building Surveyor has the authority to approve or refuse building applications unless the application also requires Planning Approval, in which case it will be referred to Council for determination.

Relocation of dwellings

All applications to relocate used dwelling buildings into the Shire of Northampton must be accompanied by;

  • Plans and specifications in duplicate;
  • Photographs clearly showing four separate elevations of the used dwelling building; and
  • A certificate, signed by a practicing structural engineer, certifying that the design and structure of the used dwelling building is suitable for transportation and re-erection.

Where Council is satisfied with the plans, photographs and reports that the application should be approved, the applicant will be requested to lodge a bond of $5,000, this will be returned once the Building Surveyor is satisfied that all works are complete.

Demolition of Buildings

All building demolition requires the approval of Council and application is to be made in accordance with State Building Regulations.

Bond for Protection of Council Kerbs, Verges and Paths

Prior to the issuing of a building licence, where the proposed building is in a Townsite and the proposed works is assessed by the Building Surveyor as requiring heavy vehicles to enter or make deliveries to the site, Council will request a deposit of $500.00 from the builder to serve as a guarantee to ensure that a street verge is restored to an acceptable condition.

Building for Better Protection in Bushfire Areas

A guide is now available to assist homeowners be made aware of the regulated construction requirements and building standards for new homes and to assist those who wish to upgrade their existing homes for better protection from bushfires. Read more...

Swimming Pool and Pool Requirements

In Western Australia, private swimming pools and spas with water that is more than 300mm deep must have a compliant barrier installed. This is intended to help prevent the drowning deaths and injury of young children under the age of five years. This requirement applies to:

  • in-ground pools and spas;
  • above-ground pools and spas (including inflatable and portable pools and spas);
  • indoor pools and spas (but not spa baths that are normally emptied after each use); and
  • wading pools (containing water that is more than 300mm deep).                                                                                              

Generally, a building permit is required under the Building Act 2011 to construct or install a swimming or spa pool and its associated safety barrier.

More information about swimming pool and spa building requirements can be found here…



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