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All dogs over three (3) months old are required by State legislation to be registered, and as of the 1st October 2015 microchipped. Applications to licence dogs can be obtained from Council Offices or by downloading an application for registration form and lodging at the Shire Office. The following fees for a dog licence are applicable:

Description 1 Year 3 Years LIFE
Unsterilised Dog  $50.00 $120.00  $250.00
Sterilised Dog $20.00 $42.50  $100.00
Working Dog 1/4 registration fee
Pensioners 1/2 registration fee

If your dog is not registered it becomes difficult for the Ranger to contact the owner. If an unregistered dog is impounded by the ranger the owner will be issued with an infringement notice for $100.00 and the dog will also required to be registered before it is released from the pound. All dog owners will incur a $50.00 dog impounding fee plus care costs which must also be paid before the dog is released from the pound.

Nuisances Created By Dogs

Should a nuisance be created by a dog you can lodge a complaint at the Council offices for the Rangers to investigate.

Anti-Barking Device

For a small fee and a deposit an anti-barking device can be hired from the Council offices.

Sterilisation Subsidies

Council has in place a subsidy scheme in relation to the sterilization of dogs and cats. Under the scheme the owner of a dog (the dog must be registered) or cat is eligible for a concession of $20.00 off the cost of sterilisation of the animal. The concession will be payable direct to the vet performing the procedure. For further information please contact the office prior to visiting the vet.


As of 1st November 2013 all cats over six (6) months old are required by State legislation to be registered, sterilised and micro-chipped.  Applications to licence cats can be obtained from Council Offices.   The following fees for a cat licence are applicable:

Life of cat     $100
Sterilised cat $20 $42.50  


Breeder Certificate Fee: $100.00 per cat/per year – male or female – each cat must also be registered as per above fees.


Pensioners 50% of Registration Fee – (This does not include Breeders Certificate Fees)

Cat traps can also be hired for a small fee and deposit from the Council offices.

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