Environmental Health

Waste Management

Council is currently reviewing its policies regarding all aspects of waste management with a view to the creation and maintenance of a strategy and policy document for waste management procedures.

Council's refuse sites require a licence from the Department of Environmental Protection and must operate under the strict requirements of the licence. In recent times there has been a number of breaches of this licence. To assist with the maintenance of the refuse site Council has restricted the opening hours of the Northampton and Kalbarri Refuse Sites. The Northampton refuse site is open as per below, being closed on public holidays. 

Click here to view the Shire's Strategic Waste Management Plan.

Rubbish Collection Schedule - Kalbarri

Follow this link to download a map of the Rubbish Collection schedule for Kalbarri

Access To Refuse Sites- Rubbish Tip Opening Hours

Northampton Rubbish Tip - Located at Lot 300 Horrocks Road

Wednesday 1pm- 5pm

Saturday and Sunday  8am - 5pm

Kalbarri Rubbish Tip - Located on Porter Street

10am - 2pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday

10am - 2pm Saturday and Sunday

Businesses who can justify that the lack of refuse site access (outside normal hours) will create hardship in the conduct of their business or result in nuisance being caused by the amount of refuse being held over to a day, may be granted access and be issued a Tip key. This is subject to certain conditions, at an annual fee of $200.00 (plus GST). This concession is operated under extremely strict conditions and must be approved by the Environmental Health Officer.

Swimming Pools

Private swimming pools are inspected throughout the Shire every four (4) years to ensure compliance with the Regulations. Swimming pool owners are levied a charge $66.00 (including GST) for the inspection and this is charged on an annual basis ($16.50 each year) and is included on the rate notice.

Monthly water samples are collected and tested for all public and semi-public swimming pools.

For more information on the building requirement for installing a swimming pool or spa, follow this link.

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