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Most building activity within the Shire can only be undertaken with the prior approval of the Council. Plan and application forms are available from Council offices, or under the tab Forms. Assistance with any building related matter can be readily obtained by contacting the Principal Building Surveyor.

Contact Details

Trevor Brandy
Ph: 0429 341 201

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Town Planning

Gazetted Town Planning Schemes apply to the towns of Horrocks, Kalbarri, Northampton, Port Gregory, and the localities of Ajana, Binnu, Isseka and all rural areas. Any new development must be carried out in accordance with the Scheme applicable to the area where the development is situated. Prior to any development commencing a detailed plan and application must be submitted to Council for consideration. Any interested person can view the Town Planning Scheme Maps and texts applicable to the area within the Shire at the Council Office, or by accessing the Town Planning page.

Contact Details

Michelle Allen
Ph: 9934 1202

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Roadworks And Works Services

All works relating to roads, drainage, etc, should initially be directed to the Manager of Works and Technical Services. All formal complaints or requests that require Council consideration need to be submitted in writing. More detailed information on the Road Works Program for 2012/2013 can be found in this year’s budget.

Contact Details

Neil Broadhurst
Ph: 0428 341 202

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Environmental Health

The Principal Environmental Health Officer is responsible for the implementation of the Health Act and other related Acts, in particular food handling and control regulations applicable to shops and eating-places. The EHO also controls other general matters associated with home building. Septic systems cannot be installed anywhere within the Shire, without the prior approval of the EHO, upon inspection of the plans. Forms and applications are available from the Council Offices or under the tab Forms.

Contact Details

Wendy Dallywater
Ph: 0429 341 228

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The Deputy CEO is responsible for the financial operations of the Council. Each year the Shire Council review their annual budget and fees and charges and applications may be received from the community with regard to the Shire annual budget.

Contact Details

Grant Middleton
Ph: 9934 1202

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For information relating to rates and fees, follow this link.

Ranger Services

Senior Rangers are based in both Northampton and Kalbarri and patrol the Shire. The Rangers are responsible for upholding dog laws and other animal control Acts and regulations. Should you have an animal control related query or wish to report a stray dog, please contact the relevant Northampton or Kalbarri ranger.

Contact Details

Northampton - Rob McKenzie
Ph: 0458 341 200

Kalbarri - Rick Davey
Ph: 0429 341 203

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