Local Planning Strategy

The Western Australian Planning Commission granted final endorsement to the Shire of Northampton Local Planning Strategy on 19 May 2022.


This LOCAL PLANNING STRATEGY is to be used in conjunction with the Shire of Northampton’s (the Shire) Local Planning Scheme, as amended. The main purpose of this document is to provide strategic planning directions for the Shire for the next 15 years.

The Strategy will be used to:

□ Set out the direction for economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development;

□ Give direction to the Shire, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and the Minister for Planning in assessment of Local Planning Scheme amendments, subdivision and development applications and provide strategic support for the decision making;

□ Provide the basis for coordinated decision making on future servicing of the Shire by local/State government, and any other service agency; and

□ Explain/ the strategic direction for growth and development to all stakeholders.


The Strategy consists of two parts, in accordance with the WAPC’s Local Planning Manual:

Part One – The Strategy sets out the vision, objectives and strategic plan and actions required to implement the Strategy.

Part Two – Technical Appendix background to the strategy, including analysis of information and the rationale for the strategy.

This Local Planning Strategy does not apply to the:

Horrocks locality, which is the subject of a separate Local Planning Strategy – Horrocks Beach (February 2016); and

Kalbarri locality which is the subject of a separate Local Planning Strategy – Town of Kalbarri (May 2016) and a separate Local Planning Scheme No. 11 – Kalbarri Townsite.

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