Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policies are guidelines used to assist the local government in making decisions under the Town Planning Schemes. A Local Planning Policy is not part of the Scheme and does not bind the local government in respect of any application for planning approval but the local government is to have due regard to the provisions of the Policy and the objectives which the Policy is designed to achieve before making its determination.

The local government may prepare a Local Planning Policy in respect of any matter related to the planning and development of the Shire so as to apply:

  • generally or for a particular class or classes of matters; and
  • throughout the Shire or in one or more parts of the Shire
  • and may amend, add to or rescind the Policy.

Click on a link below to download and view current Shire of Northampton Local Planning Policies:


Alfresco Dining

Ancillary Accommodation

Building on Boundary Variation

Caravan Temporary Accommodation

Commercial Recreational Tourism Activity

Compliance and Enforcement

Consultation for Planning Proposals

Detailed Area Plan Settlers Hill

Development Performance Bonds and Bank Guarantees

Disaster & Emergency Recovery 2021

Extractive Industry

Halfway Bay Reserve 34945 Design Guidelines

Heritage Conservation and Development

Holiday Houses 2020

Intensive Agriculture

Land Development Specifications

Rural Tourism

Mobile Food Vehicles


Rake Place Guidelines

Renewable Energy Facility

Repurposed and Secondhand Dwellings

Shipping Containers

Signage Policy

Social Impact Assessment

Street Walls and Front Fences in Kalbarri 2020

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Temporary Accommodation Camps

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